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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Yellowjacket Wasps

Yellowjacket wasps, named for their distinctive black and yellow stripes, are known to terrorize backyards across America. But despite their fierce reputation, there seems to be a lot of misconception regarding this particular species of wasps. To remedy that, a trusted residential pest control services provider answers three of the most common questions regarding yellowjackets in today’s blog. 

Yellowjacket Wasps

Q: Where Do Yellowjackets Live?

A: Yellowjackets can generally be found in any place where humans live. In the wild, they like to build nests underground or in hollow logs, and tree stumps. Unfortunately, they also often like to build nests in attics, under eaves, or even inside recycling bins where sugars are plentiful. 

Q: Do Yellowjackets Sting?

A: As with most stinging insects, yellowjackets will attack when threatened or disturbed. But unlike bees, however, they do not lose their stinger during the act and can sting you multiple times (thus the scary reputation).

Q: How Do I Safely Get Rid of a Nest?

If there’s one thing you should know about yellowjackets, it’s this: never try to get rid of their nest by yourself unless, of course, you want to be stung. Instead, be sure to call in a pest control company to safely and humanely remove it for you.

Q: How Do I Prevent an Infestation?

A: To keep yellowjackets away from your property, be sure to leave high-protein food indoors. If you like dining outside, be sure to clean up after yourself immediately after eating. Also, make sure you tightly seal garbage bins located outside of your house. 

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