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4 All-Natural Methods to Keep Your Garden Pest-Free

If homeowners have their way, the only bugs they’ll want hanging around their garden are butterflies, bees and maybe the occasional praying mantis. But nope–you’ll have to get used to the idea that your garden will be full of bugs–and the bad kind at that. Fortunately, getting rid of these pests is simple enough–and you can even do it without breaking out the chemicals. BugWorks Pest Control Co., the trusted residential pest control services company in the area, shares some of these methods here.

homeowner spraying plant

1. Maintain a healthy garden. Prevention remains the easiest and most natural way to keep out garden pests. Make sure to pull out any weak plants–they may attract pests or may be infested already. Make sure to dispose of the dying plant away from the garden area. Building healthy, organic soil with natural composting methods or mulch will also help your plants thrive, which in turn, reduces the potential of attracting harmful bugs.

2. Use seaweed mulch or spray. This offers another way to head off a pest infestation naturally. Seaweed contains traces of iron, zinc, barium, calcium, and other elements that contribute to healthier plant development. In mulch or spray form, seaweed fertilizer helps your plants withstand disease, while also repelling slugs.

3. Water the foliage early in the day. Wet foliage can encourage pest and fungal damage. But this won’t be much of a problem if you water early, since this ensures your plants will remain dry for most of the day. 

4. Let bigger predators help you. Slugs are probably the bane of every garden, but there are many easy ways to control them. These may range from the uber-simple but tedious (which is picking them off by hand) or something more passive and long-term, like relying on bigger predators. Garter snakes, chickens, and especially ducks offer a dependable way to control the presence of slugs and many other pests in your garden.

But if your garden is already overrun with pests, the better and smarter solution is prompt pest control services. In this area, the name to call is BugWorks Pest Control Co. Our team of experts uses organic grade pest treatments to eliminate bugs from your garden while protecting your plants, pets, and family from harsh chemicals and their fumes. We proudly serve McAllen, TX, and the entire Rio Grande Valley. Call us today at (956) 242-6433 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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