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5 Common Places Where Bed Bugs Like to Hide

While bed bugs are considered a minor pest infestation compared to mice and termites, it is nevertheless one that should be treated before it spreads. The problem with bed bugs is that they don’t just stay in beds. In today’s post, Bug Works Pest Control Co. share the common places bed bugs like to hide, apart from beds.

bed bugs illustration double bed pest infestation

1. Chairs and couches — These types of furniture are cushioned like beds, which makes them an ideal “second home” for bed bugs. They typically gather in the seams and between cushions, and sometimes come out if one agitates their hiding places by sitting on the couch. Since chairs and couches are located in living rooms and other common areas in the house, they make it easy for bed bugs to spread to other parts of the house.

2. Electrical Receptacles — Bed bugs are about as big as the thickness of a credit card, which means they can squeeze themselves into very tight places, electrical receptacles being one of them. This is why pest control inspectors don’t just check beds and furniture when looking for bed bugs. They may also find their way in appliances and ventilation systems.

3. Wallpaper and wall decor — Loose wallpaper is easy to overlook, but it can let bed bugs thrive without being noticed. They can also spread into framed photos and similar types of wall decor. This can be problematic if you happen to have valuable art framed and hung in your home, as bed bugs leave stains, skin castings, and droppings on anything.

4. Window frames — Like framed photos, bed bugs can hide in window frames, particularly under the molding that covers the transition between wall and frame. Their presence can be especially noticeable if you have white or light-colored window frames.

5. The areas where the wall and ceiling meet — The junction between wall and ceiling, like window frames, is typically covered with molding, which makes it another ideal breeding area for bed bugs.

If you notice bed bugs in any of these spots, call Bug Works Pest Control Co., your leading provider of residential pest control services, at (956) 242-6433. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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