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A Quick Guide to Clothes Moths and How to Deal With Them

Clothes moths are one of the worst things that can get in your storage. Aside from creating stains on your clothes, clothes moths can also damage fabrics and they are very difficult to deal with without help. This is why our pest control experts are here to share some tips on how to deal with clothes moths.

Guide to Clothes Moths

Know Their Signs

It’s relatively easy to check if you are dealing with a moth infestation. Look for patches of damaged fabric on your cloth and small, crusty patches of matter that have a similar color to the fabric. Moths tend to fly or crawl out of their hiding spot when disturbed so you will probably see a moth or two when you rustle the clothes.

Know Your Moths

According to Residential Pest Control Services experts, there are two common types of clothes moths, although they have similar larval stages. The first kind has larvae that create small tube-like webbing that clings to your clothes’ fabric. The other one creates small web spots where they are located. While their adult forms are harmless, the larvae are voracious eaters that cause actual damage to your clothing.

Getting Rid of Moths

Clearing out your cabinet may let you see if moths are present but the best way to make sure you get rid of them is by washing your clothes in high heat. This should be enough to kill any moth eggs and larvae as well as get rid of their webbing or casing. For fabrics that can’t be heat-washed, you can put them in a clean bag and put them in a freezer for 12 hours to kill off the pests.

Get Help From An Expert

Severe moth infestations are very difficult to deal with without help from an expert especially if you see moths in multiple closets. Using harsh chemicals is dangerous for untrained individuals so you’re better off getting help from a certified pest infestation specialist.

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