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Are You Ready For Summer Pests?

Are you ready for Summer Pests?

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, the RGV is now entering the dreaded summer season that marks the start of “pest season “ for BugWorks. While pests are a year-round concern, when the heat rises outside we often see an increase in activity for all different kinds of pests in the Rio Grande Valley area. If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, it’s important to be aware of the risk’s that summer’s most common and dangerous pests can have on you and your family.


Mosquito Summer PestThese buzzing pests are one of the most dangerous summer pests. Sure their bite can be annoying and itching, but the real threat comes from their ability to transmit numerous diseases including West Nile, malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis.

How to protect yourself from Mosquitos:

• Avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk; this is when mosquitos are most active.

• Eliminate standing water, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

• Repair or replace any torn screens on windows or doors in your home.

• Use insect repellent over exposed skin whenever outside for prolonged periods of time.



Summer Pest - Tick Ticks are always a major issue during the summer months, especially if you have pets. No tick is fun, but the most concerning is the Blacklegged deer tick which can transmit Lyme disease to humans (as well as pets).

How to protect yourself from ticks:

• Wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed toe shoes when outdoors, especially in wooded areas or tall grasses.

• Wear light colored clothes to make it easy to spot ticks or insect on you.

• Wear bug spray at all times when outdoors.

• Keep your yard tick free by cutting grass low, or getting your yard treated this summer.

Inspect yourself, family, and pets for ticks after being outdoors.


Summer Pest BeesBees & Wasps

Yellow jackets, Africanized ‘killer’ bees, and wasps are summer staples that love to crash your pool parties and barbecues. These stinging pests can pose a serious health risk if they or their nest is provoked causing them to swarm and sting in masses. On average these stinging pests send over half a million people to emergency rooms every year! So be sure to protect yourself and your loved ones with the following tips.

How to protect yourself from bees and wasps:

• Remove garbage frequently and keep it in covered trash cans.

• Do not swat at stinging insects as in will increase the chance of an aggressive reaction (stinging).

• Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes.

• Seek immediate attention if stung.

If you are overwhelmed with any of these summer pests, don’t panic. Call BugWorks Termite & Pest Control and we’ll gladly help you manage the pests putting a damper on your summer fun!
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