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Are You Safe from Bed Bugs in Winter?

To some types of pests, your home is a large and bountiful oasis that allows them to eat and multiply as much as they want. And while other bugs expire or retreat to a more accommodating environment during the cold season, are content to stay inside the home like you. Bed bugs are one of them. So if you’re asking if you’ll be rid of them during the winter, the answer, unfortunately, is no. BugWorks Pest Control Co., the premier pest treatment expert in the area, explains more here.

bed bug on pink fabric

The Thing About Bed Bugs

Small, brown, and secretive, bed bugs are ectoparasites. This means they’re a type of parasite that lives outside their host. They are nocturnal and difficult to spot, and unlike other insects, they don’t hibernate because they prefer the same consistent temperatures as humans do. In the event that they’re exposed to unpleasant thermal conditions, they undergo diapause, a state of inactivity that causes them to become dormant. That is, until the temperature becomes more accommodating, in which case they’ll be up and sprightly again.

Winter is Actually Good for Bed Bugs

It’s true. First off, their hosts—warm humans—will be staying at home more because of the cold. And second, bedclothes are thicker during winter. This gives them more and better opportunities to hide and reproduce. Because of the resiliency of bed bugs, you’ll want to remove them from your home as soon as possible. With our trained and skilled professionals and treatments customized to deal with specific types of pests, we’ll keep your home safe and bedbug-proof.

Why You Should Work with Us

BugWorks Pest Control Co. can provide superior and lasting protection from all household pests and rodents. Our expert crew will never miss anything–they’ll inspect the areas in and around your home to root out the infestation. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can schedule single or multiple sessions with us. Bed bug problem? We’ll provide the most effective solution to take them out once and for all.

Keep a healthier and safer home this winter by turning to BugWorks Pest Control Co. We serve McAllen, TX and the entire Rio Grande Valley. Call us today at (956) 242-6433 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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