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Armyworms: What They Are and Signs They Are in Your Home

Armyworms are caterpillars that are around an inch and ¾ long with a greenish or brown color. Many species of this insect have stripes along their backs and sides. After metamorphosis, armyworms evolve as moths. These tiny creatures are one of the most common causes of lawn issues in residential properties. They usually come in a small pack, hence their name, and they consume everything that comes their way. 


Find out more about armyworms and how you can prevent them from a local provider of residential pest control services

Signs There Are Armyworms in Your Yard

During the day, armyworms usually stay hidden beneath garden and lawn debris. They tend to be more active at night. To determine if they are infesting your outdoor space, you need to know what type of grass you have. Armyworms are more common in fescue, ryegrass, buffalograss, and bluegrass. 

Quick action is essential when it comes to dealing with these creatures. The sooner you contact a pest control expert to remove them, the easier it will be to treat and restore your yard. Moreover, if you’ve been noticing more birds on your property lately, it could indicate the presence of armyworms. Evident brown spots on your lawn are also a common sign of infestation. 

How to Treat Your Lawn for These Creatures

Cutting the grass short and making sure to water it well will expose armyworms. You’ll then need to spray the grass with liquid insecticide. After this, you should let your lawn alone for three days or more. Don’t water or mow it during this period to help with the insecticide’s effectiveness. 

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