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Smart Ways to Make Your Attic Pest-Proof

One of the most common places in the house that pests infest is the attic. If you are hearing strange noises from this part of your home, you may have unwelcomed guests. It’s best to get in touch with a local pest control company if you suspect that there are invasive creatures in your.

Armyworms: What They Are and Signs They Are in Your Home

Armyworms are caterpillars that are around an inch and ¾ long with a greenish or brown color. Many species of this insect have stripes along their backs and sides. After metamorphosis, armyworms evolve as moths. These tiny creatures are one of the most common causes of lawn issues in residential properties. They usually.

How to Humanely Get Rid of Moles and Keep Them Away

Moles are small burrowing mammals that have an insect-based diet. While they don’t really like to munch on your garden plants, because of their subterranean lifestyle, their underground tunnels can still wreak havoc on your garden or lawn and also pave the way for other rodents to harm your plants as well as.

Diatomaceous Earth as Pest Control

Pest control can be a very tricky matter for many homeowners. You can’t just pick a bug spray and start spraying indiscriminately but trying to manually capture or kill the pests can be impractical. Instead of going for the bug spray every single time, you may want to consider getting diatomaceous earth a.

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