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DIY vs Professional Pest Control – A Comparison

Pest control may seem like a trivial task for some homeowners to the point that they are willing to handle pest infestations on their own. However, our pest control experts say that there are a few big differences between DIY and professional pest control procedures that could make you think twice about attempting to.

4 All-Natural Methods to Keep Your Garden Pest-Free

If homeowners have their way, the only bugs they’ll want hanging around their garden are butterflies, bees and maybe the occasional praying mantis. But nope--you’ll have to get used to the idea that your garden will be full of bugs--and the bad kind at that. Fortunately, getting rid of these pests is simple.

5 Common Places Where Bed Bugs Like to Hide

While bed bugs are considered a minor pest infestation compared to mice and termites, it is nevertheless one that should be treated before it spreads. The problem with bed bugs is that they don’t just stay in beds. In today’s post, Bug Works Pest Control Co. share the common places bed bugs like to.

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