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Silverfish Infestation: What You Can Do

Silverfish are wingless creepy crawlers that can start an infestation before you even notice. Their color can range from white silver to brown, and they can grow between 12 and 19 mm long. You’ll immediately notice their elongated, teardrop shape with a three-part segmented tail.

How to Get Rid of Bees on Your Property

Bees play an important role in nature. However, bees are known to build their homes where we don’t want them to, such as in our homes. For small beehives, or one or two bees flitting about in the garden, there’s probably no reason to call it a pest infestation just yet. Many homeowners leave beehives alone.

DIY vs Professional Pest Control – A Comparison

Pest control may seem like a trivial task for some homeowners to the point that they are willing to handle pest infestations on their own. However, our pest control experts say that there are a few big differences between DIY and professional pest control procedures that could make you think twice about attempting to.

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