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Pests You Need to Watch Out for During Winter

As cold and frosty weather looms in, birds migrate south and bears go into hibernation. But what happens to common household pests such as ants, mosquitoes and termites? Sadly, most homeowners assume that they simply die off, but the truth is that these pests often drum up strategies to keep them going through.

Are You Safe from Bed Bugs in Winter?

To some types of pests, your home is a large and bountiful oasis that allows them to eat and multiply as much as they want. And while other bugs expire or retreat to a more accommodating environment during the cold season, are content to stay inside the home like you. Bed bugs are.

3 Common Pest Control Mistakes to Avoid

Nobody wants to share their home with bugs and pests, but if your own is already infested, you’ll need to make sure this particular problem is nipped in the bud as soon as possible. The first step is to avoid some common pest control mistakes you’re inadvertently making. BugWorks Pest Control Co., the.

Do You Need to Worry About Pests in Winter?

From setting up holiday decorations to preparing for the chilly weather, it is easy to forget about keeping pests out of your house when winter rolls around. However, the threat of pest infestation and damage has not gone away even during the cold, frosty months. It is important to make sure that your.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Ticks Out of Your Home

A safe, comfortable home is free of all sorts of harmful pests such as fleas and ticks. A tick infestation can cause your pets and even family members to develop illnesses that range from mild to severe. Sadly, infestations can often take weeks or months to control. It is crucial to take precautionary.

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