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Businesses Most Susceptible to Pests and Vermin

Businesses are always confronted with the problem of pests. As pests are naturally occurring problems, making plans against them is key in running a sanitary and healthy business environment. Controlling and lessening the risks presented by pests and vermin is crucial, so it is standard practice for business owners to frequently hire pest control services. But some businesses are more susceptible to pest infestations and threats. What else is to know about these pests? What kinds of businesses are most susceptible to pests? Bug Works Pest Control Co. is here to tell you!

Pests and Vermin


Food Service Businesses


Foodservice businesses are one of the most common targets for pests and vermin. As these businesses handle food and perishables, they always encounter problems dealing with pests. Rats, mice, and cockroaches are the most common pests found around susceptible foodservice businesses, as they are drawn by the food products they offer. Sanitation and proper food treatment is a major focus in this industry, as a clean business not only promotes a safe and healthy eating environment but also complies with the business permit requirements involved in managing a food service business. 

The best food service businesses clean beyond the inside of their buildings, they also clean the exterior and immediate premises, especially their waste disposal areas. Food waste is a major potential hotspot for pests, as the decaying organic matter attracts flies and other pests. A properly sealed waste bin prevents the smell from getting out, and a clean disposal area discourages the attention of pests.


Lodging Service Businesses


These types of businesses are usually partnered with the nearest residential pest control services, as lodging services have a long list of upkeep and maintenance requirements involved with pest control. Hotels, inns, resorts, and the like value the cleanliness and preventability of their business the most. In this industry, taking care of the condition and sanitation of all areas is a must. The possibility of having bed bugs, dust mites, and other similar pests is always in the mind of lodging service business owners, as infestations not only endanger their businesses’ credibility but also pose health risks to customers. Regular inspections are made by pest control teams to prevent the possibility of having infestations, especially in the quarters of occupants and the frequently used amenities, such as pools, dining halls, and bathrooms.


Goods Stores


Stores are also a prominent target for pests and vermin, as their storage rooms filled with packed food merchandise are gold mines of food and a potential hotspot to breed and nest. Storerooms are usually dark and isolated, making them the ideal place to hide and munch on goods in secret. Pest control services frequently inspect areas within stores that are most susceptible to pests, like storerooms, delivery areas, and garbage disposal areas. The best store owners practice great sanitary protocols, such as proper garbage segregation, placing trash bins away from storage areas, and regularly having their businesses inspected by pest control professionals.

Bug Works Pest Control Co. services pest infestation problems for an agreeable price partnered with excellent customer care! We assure only the best for our clients and we use hospital-grade treatment to your home to fully address your pest problems while keeping the safety of your family in mind. For any inquiries, you can reach us at (956) 242-6433 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate. We serve clients in the state of Texas.

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