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Common Myths about Roaches and Roach Infestations

Roaches are easily the most infamous insect pest that homeowners have to deal with. That said, homeowners have a lot to say about these pests but some of them tend to be misconceptions that might prevent you from effectively dealing with a roach infestation. Here’s a rundown on the biggest roach myths, debunked by our pest control specialists. 

Myths about Roaches and Roach Infestations

Roaches Are Invincible

Roach infestations can be difficult to deal with even if you have access to pesticides and traps, giving them the reputation of being immortal. While roach presence can be difficult to get rid of, it’s less about them being invincible and more about them being prolific breeders.

Roaches Are Active At Night

You’re likely to spot a roach crawling out in the open during nighttime, but that doesn’t mean they’re nocturnal. Residential pest control services say that roaches still remain active during the daytime except they tend to stay in dark places where they can eat and breed undisturbed. This also means you should let your guard down just because you didn’t see roaches during the daytime.

Roaches Are Clean

You may have read about cockroaches constantly cleaning themselves. This might give you the wrong impression that you can tolerate their presence. Remember that while they may clean their legs and antennae, it just means that they’re getting dirt and bacteria off their limbs and onto the surfaces they crawl on. Roaches have been known to be capable of spreading around 30 kinds of bacteria!

Pesticide Works Every Time

This is probably the most dangerous myth that our pest infestation experts have to debunk. Using pesticides every time you see a roach may look effective but roaches that survived exposure to the pesticide can adapt and give birth to more resistant young. Instead of depending too much on pesticides, we recommend getting professional help from professional pest control companies.

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