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Do You Have a Roach Infestation?

There are many types of pests that can infiltrate your home and start an infestation. They can contaminate your food and water, bite or sting, cause disease and generally make your home unpleasant. 

One type of pests that often causes problems is the cockroach. Roaches can survive almost anywhere. Homes just happen to have most of the basic things they want: food, water, and hiding places. Roaches are so good at hiding that it’s common for a homeowner to fail to notice them until it’s a full-blown infestation. 

If you pay attention to some patterns, however, it’s quite easy to tell if you have a roach problem. Here are some tips:

You Spot a Roach (Dead or Alive)

Roaches are nocturnal bugs, so if you spot one during the day, the infestation might already be in progress or has been going on for some time. A shortage of food and water can cause some roaches to go out even in the daytime. So that means they may already have a big colony. 

When you find a dead roach, that doesn’t mean there’s no infestation or that it’s over. It’s just that they’ve been living in your home for some time, so it’s their habitat for their life cycle. 

You Smell Them

The scent of roaches is unmistakable. If you can smell a roach, there is usually one nearby. If you smell a roach but can’t find it, chances are there are many roaches in that area and they’re all giving off that nasty odor. That’s an infestation.

The smell of roaches typically hangs in the air. It might even affect the taste of water or food. The German cockroach is the only type that produces this odor when alive. 

You Find Smears and Droppings

When there is a shortage of water, roaches produce cylindrical droppings with black or brown color. Droppings are about 2 mm long. If there’s abundant water, roaches leave brown smears of irregular shapes. Smears and droppings are often found close to where they’ve taken up residence.

You Find Oothecae

You might also find spent or full oothecae, which are brown, oblong cases containing roach eggs. Most oothecae contain 10-20 eggs, but German roach oothecae can contain up to 50 eggs. Roaches are aggressive breeders, so if you find even one ootheca, that should be reason enough to believe there’s an infestation and you should already take action.

Only professional pest treatment can end a cockroach infestation. Instead of going DIY — which typically just forces roaches to move to a different part of the house — call Bug Works Pest Control Co. Get in touch with us immediately at 866-918-BUGS [that’s (866) 918-2847] or use our form to get your free quote.