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Fall Season Pest Control Tips and Info

Fall has arrived and so have the pesky insects and bugs! As the climate cools down, pests are also adjusting to the chillier environment, and your home is a primary nesting ground for them. There is an assortment of pests itching to burrow and breed into your home’s confines. Cockroaches are the most common, with their extreme resilience and large numbers. They bring diseases and infect your surfaces, belongings, and food with contaminants. 

They come in large numbers and leave droppings and eggs in secluded spaces. Other pests like rats, mice, fleas, ticks, mites and spiders are also possibly present within your property. They all pose significant health risks and can pose a bigger threat if left unchecked. What else is to know about these pests? What can you do against them? Bug Works Pest Control Co. is here to help you!

Pest Control Tips and Info


Cramped and Moist Places


Pests thrive in dark, cramped, and moist places. This is where they can nest and breed in abundance. Cockroaches and mice fester around these areas, and they are possibly scurrying around your home through your attic, garages, and crawl spaces while you are completely unaware of their presence. Make sure to regularly clean out these areas, and if you can dehumidify these areas, do so as well. When areas are well-ventilated and dry, they pose fewer risks to becoming nesting grounds for pests and invasive growths like mold and algae.


Physically Close Off Areas


Areas susceptible to being entry points for rats and mice should be barred off or secured. Increasing physical protection against threats makes the work of residential pest control teams much easier and allows you to sleep and live with peace of mind. Installing sturdy screens in vents and other entry points that need to be constantly open makes it harder for pests to come in while still performing their functions normally, and replacing the weatherstripping around doors, windows, and entryways make it harder for external elements and very small pests to enter your home.


All-Around Sanitation

Performing all-around maintenance and sanitation is the best way to prevent pests and contaminants. To minimize the risks of having infestations, clean the surroundings of your home as well. Taking an offensive stance against pests is an aggressive yet effective course of action, as early eradication and prevention outside your home lower the chances of them getting into your home. After all, pests can’t get in if they can barely enter your yard, right?

Bug Works Pest Control Co. services pest infestation problems for an agreeable price partnered with excellent customer care! We assure only the best for our clients and we use hospital-grade treatment to your home to fully address your pest problems while keeping the safety of your family in mind. For any inquiries, you can reach us at (956) 242-6433 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate. We serve clients throughout Texas.

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