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Garden Animals That Are Beneficial for Your Yard

Not all animals are bad for your yard. In fact, many of them can benefit your garden by contributing to a harmonious ecological system. They can improve soil health, aid in pollination and even assist with pest control. In this post, Bug Works Pest Control Co. discusses how such garden animals can be beneficial for your yard.

Toads and Frogs

It’s common to think of toads and frogs as a type of pests. However, they can actually help with pest control by feeding on snails, slugs and insects that could potentially be harmful to your garden. One way of attracting them to your yard is by building a frog pond or toad house. Make sure to include some daytime hideouts too, such as rocks and logs. Do not transfer frogs or toads from their natural habitat. As long as you build a quality ecosystem for them, they will come naturally to your yard.

Earthworms and Centipedes

These little critters can do wonders specifically for your soil and insect population. Earthworms burrow underground, allowing water and air to reach the roots of plants. Meanwhile, centipedes are effective at fending off above-the-ground insects. You can attract earthworms by burying cardboard below the soil’s surface and constructing a worm bin where they can come and go freely. For centipedes, you can attract them by providing logs, stones, or bricks as their hideout during the day.


Bees are crucial for pollination and attracting them into your garden is easy. Plant varieties of flowers, trees and shrubs that they usually love. This should be enough to entice them into your garden for pollination.

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