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How to Deal With Pests This Fall and Winter

When it comes to proper pest treatment, it’s usually done by trusted professionals such as Bug Works Pest Control Co. But if you’re planning on handling the problem yourself, then you need to be aware of some pests that are most likely to invade your home this coming fall and winter. Here are some of the most common ones and how they can be dealt with:


These pests tend to move indoors when the weather gets cooler in search of food, water, and warmth. One of the most effective methods in preventing a roach infestation in your home is through proactive pest control. This means eliminating or reducing food and water sources and getting rid of hiding places by decluttering and keeping your home as clean as possible. 

If you have several roaches of varying sizes in and around your home, then you may have a roach infestation. Using OTC sprays are almost useless at this point, as these are only on-contact killers and won’t prevent them from reproducing. It’s much better to have them professionally exterminated. To prevent them from reproducing, follow the pest control plan recommended by your hired exterminator, which will usually include a thorough inspection and quarterly or monthly treatments.

Bees and Wasps

You may be noticing the bees buzzing more than they were a few weeks ago. This usually indicates that some species of bees like honey bees are preparing for winter by collecting nutrients for their colony via late-blooming flowers. As wasps become more active during this time of year, they change up their usual diet of insects for sweeter, more carbohydrate-rich foods. Bees are beneficial insects, so the best way to prevent stings is by avoiding them. But if you have an unusual amount of bee activity around your home, hire a professional to deal with the issue.


Just like other rodents and pests, mice are searching for food and warmth in cooler weather, which makes your home a welcoming environment. To keep them out, rodent-proof your home by sealing gaps or openings around your home’s exterior and around the plumbing. Also, make sure that outdoor vents are covered and repair any holes or tears in window screens or door screens.

Don’t forget to install weatherstripping around doors and clear out plants, leaves, or any other vegetation that may be touching or near your home’s exterior. That means cleaning up any yard debris and decluttering the interiors of your home. 

Your home can be easily invaded by any type of pests, bugs and rodents. You’ll need to have each part of your home professionally inspected, including the basement and crawlspaces so you won’t have to worry about pest problems later on during fall and winter. So, make sure to hire our professional services at Call Bug Works Pest Control Co. by calling us at 866-918-BUGS (that’s (866) 918-2847), or fill out our convenient contact form today!

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