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How to Keep Your Home Spider-Free

October in Texas means outdoor get-togethers and afternoon barbecues. It also marks the season to contact your local residential pest control services. The clear skies and cool weather means you and your family will be spending more time outside, which means you’ll be more exposed to bugs and other creepy crawlies.

One common encounter people always get outdoors is spiders. Not all spiders are dangerous. Some of them might even be helpful in keeping other insects at bay. However, you also want to keep them under control. Here are a few tips from our extermination experts at Bug Works Pest Control Co. on how to handle spiders in your home.

Natural Repellents

While regular extermination is useful to keep your home bug-free, there are also natural ways to clear out a pest infestation. Spiders, in particular, can be repelled by strong-smelling herbs and plants such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree. These same plants are also repellant to other annoying pests like house flies and mosquitoes.

Protective Clothing

You can protect yourself from spider bites and protect spiders from accidental squishing, by dressing appropriately for the outdoors. Use gloves and long-sleeved shirts when you’re going to be around common insect gathering places like parks and gardens. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are also effective at protecting your legs from insect bites while you’re outside.

Professional Help

The best way to keep your home spider and bug-free is to call your local pest control service for a visit. Experts recommend thorough extermination at least once every few months, especially during spring when insect populations tend to increase exponentially. You may also want to schedule a pest control visit while you are out for a vacation because sometimes, it can take a few days to make sure that your home is safe from unwanted insects.

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