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Pests You Need to Watch Out for During Winter

As cold and frosty weather looms in, birds migrate south and bears go into hibernation. But what happens to common household pests such as ants, mosquitoes and termites? Sadly, most homeowners assume that they simply die off, but the truth is that these pests often drum up strategies to keep them going through the winter. In this article, a pest control company explains how specific pests survive the harsh winter.

pests during winter
  • Ants — Ants are very successful at overwintering in the outdoors, including your own backyard. During the fall months, ants start indulging in vast amounts of food to put on enough fat so they can last weeks without having to eat. As the winter season arrives, their body temperature dramatically decreases, so they cover up their colony and hunch down in deep soil until springtime. Once the temperature rises, ants will then pop up from their overwintering spots.
  • Bed Bugs — Bed bugs can actually hold out against temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, making pest infestation quite difficult to regulate. While they usually cave in after a few days of exposure to temperatures below 32 degrees, homes provide the perfect shelter for bed bugs to pull through during the colder months.
  • Mosquitoes — Mosquitoes hibernate in protected areas like hollow logs during the winter season. As the weather conditions warm up, female mosquitoes arouse and hunt for blood sources so they can feed and begin developing eggs.
  • Termites — In colder climates, subterranean termites will dig deeper into the soil in order to stay warm and cozy. Meanwhile, other species like drywood termites will seek out dry wood for shelter. The bad news is that termites can be active year-round in homes that are heated or places where the temperature is controlled.

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