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Quick Tips on Preventing Rodent Infestation

Being proactive is often the most effective way of dealing with pest infestation. But whether you already have rodents in your home or want to prevent any infestation from happening, the following tips from Bug Works Pest Control Co. will surely help you:

Get Rid of Existing Rodents

To get rid of mice and rats, two methods that you can use are trapping and baiting. Trapping makes use of snap-style traps, which are designed to kill rodents swiftly. Meanwhile, baiting uses baits and bait stations, which hold the baits in place and keep pets and kids out. Ideally, you should place your traps or baits along common pathways like fence rails, ledges, and foundations.

Eliminate Outdoor Access and Food Sources

Overhanging trees can be used by rodents to hop onto your roof and access your home. Make sure to prune such trees so that mice and rats have one less means of getting inside your home. Also, if you have fruit trees in your garden, it would be best to regularly remove dropped fruits from the ground so as not to attract rodents into your property. You can also use plants from the mint family to surround your garden in order to deter rats. Experts in residential pest control services also recommend spraying predator urine, such as a fox’s, around your garden. This can also act as a deterrent.

Seal Up Your Home

Close up any holes along your exterior and make sure to use rodent-proofing materials. Some areas that you should pay close attention to our doors, windows and vents.

Bug Works Pest Control Co. has several years of experience in providing pest control services for homes, hospitals, and businesses. We are locally owned and operated, so you can expect a hands-on and personalized approach from us. Call us at 866-918-BUGS or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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