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Signs That You Have Mice In Your Walls

Mice love to stay in dark and undisturbed areas such as within the walls. You’re looking at a pest infestation that leads to serious damage and becomes a health hazard if not addressed as soon as possible. In today’s post, Bug Works Pest Control Co. discuss the signs that you have mice in the walls, and the common ways they get into homes.

mouse coming out through wall electrical receptacle pest infestation

Common Entry Points

Mice are small enough that they can squeeze through virtually any hole. They can also climb and leap, which means holes above ground level or are accessible from trees or fences are fair game for these creatures. The following areas are the most common entry points for mice and should be secured against potential access:

  • Vent pipes — Vent pipes and similar installations such as chimneys can be accessible if the tops are not covered.
  • Siding — Parts of the siding that’s damaged or deteriorated can be potential access points for mice. Make it a point to check for dry rot and loose or missing siding.
  • Soffit — Soffits with unprotected vents can let mice into the attic and, eventually, the gaps in the walls. Unfinished attics can be favorable for mice, as they can stay within sight unseen.
  • Weep vents in the walls — Weep vents or weep holes are small openings that allow water to drain from the walls and are typically located at the bottom.

Signs That You Have Mice In the Walls

If you notice one or more of the following, make an appointment with a local pest control contractor:

  • Scratching sounds — A persistent scratching sound in the walls is the most common sign of the presence of mice. Using conventional traps can be ineffective as mice can be hard to locate or predict where they’ll show up next.
  • Mouse droppings — Check the corners and areas behind furniture for small, black, seed-shaped things on the floor: they’re likely mouse droppings.
  • Nests — Mice like to build their nests in undisturbed areas where there happens to be soft material like rags or old clothes. If they find their way into one of your closets, look for holes in the clothes. This is a sign that mice may have chewed through your clothes to build their nest.

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