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Summer Pest Control Dos and Don’ts

Summer is peak pest season. As temperatures rise and new sources of food start to appear, common pests such as ants, flies, roaches and even rodents start to become more active. That’s why it’d be a good idea to observe a few precautions to prevent a pest infestation in your home. 

To help you get started, here are the dos and don’ts during peak pest season: 

Do: Keep Kitchen Counters Clean 

Leftovers and dirty dishes strewn across a dirty kitchen counter can attract ants and rodents in search of food. Make sure to keep leftovers in airtight containers, throw away rotting fruits and vegetables, and clean kitchen countertops as soon as you’re done using them. 

Do: Remove Potential Hiding Spots for Pests 

Some pests will try to look for new shelters to escape the summer heat. That’s why you should board up potential entry points into your home. Check your windows’ weatherstripping and caulking to make sure there aren’t any gaps between the window and wall. It’d also be a good idea to have loose mortar near the foundation repaired. It’s also important that you cover holes that pests can use as hiding spots. 

Do: Remove Stagnant Water

Disease-carrying pests such as mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. Throw away stagnant before mosquitoes get a chance to lay their eggs in them. 

Don’t: Leave Out Pet Food Dishes for Too Long

Opportunistic rodents might snatch pet food away and even venture into your home in search of more food. 

Don’t: Place Wood and Building Materials Up Against Your Home

Firewood, especially dead or damp wood, and organic materials might attract termites. If they’re placed near your home, the pest infestation might spread. 

What to Do In Case Pests Manage to Make Their Way Into Your Home 

Don’t hesitate to contact a pest control company if you suspect pests have infiltrated your home. The reproduction cycle of cold-blooded pests such as ants becomes faster in summer in preparation for colder weather. If you wait too long, the infestation might spread. 

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