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Why Rain Makes It More Likely That You Will Need Professional Pest Control
The Rio Grande Valley has never gotten so much rain as it has these past 3 weeks. Surprisingly though, many people don’t realize that pests active goes up when the rain comes down. The reality of the situation is that you will more than likely need professional pest control during this time to help keep pests at bay. It is important to understand why rain increases your need for professional pest control service. Increaded Pest Activity

Rain Drives Pest Indoors

Many pests have difficulties surviving outside when it is raining outdoors, so they tend to try to find ways to migrate indoors. Other times, rainwater can pool up and drown out nests and colonies forcing pests to find somewhere drier. This often means getting into the nearest home.

Rain Provides Moisture for Pests to Feed Off

All pests need moisture to survive and all the rain these past couple of weeks provides just that. All the moisture left behind by the rain allows for pest to start reproducing faster than normal. So instead of dying outside, they will have the energy to explore your home and find a way to get inside.

Rain Can Open New Access Points

The frequent showers and storms can create or wear down certain part of your home that will leave your home exposed to pests of all kinds. With heavy rain, often parts of your home begin to wear down or the water might rot the exterior leaving access points for pests to crawl their way into your home. Even the smallest hole will allow ants, roaches and other pests into your home.

Faster Reproduction

As we mentioned before, moisture allows for pests to get an extra boost of energy. This allows for them to reproduce at a higher rate, which means that competition for space and food is increased. This will drive pests to begin to look for more space and food that can drive them into your home. Seeing an increase of pest activity around your home? Call BugWorks Termite and Pest Control Service today to schedule your General Pest Control Service. Book online and get 50% off General Pest Control Services.
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