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How To Keep The Spiders In McAllen Away From My Garden

Daddy Long Legs Spiders in their web on the ceiling.

What Kind Of Spiders Like To Invade Gardens In McAllen?

There are many types of spiders in Texas, and McAllen is home to a few, including the following:

  • The black widow spider is pretty common in gardens but is dangerous to humans.
  • The brown recluse spider likes to hide in wood piles and garden debris. Their bite also requires medical attention.
  • The jumping spider does not build webs but will hunt for insects among vegetation.
  • The wolf spider is often found in gardens and will not hesitate to bite if it feels threatened.

Spiders, in general, like to make themselves at home in gardens, where they can often find an abundant source of insects to eat. While some can be beneficial in small quantities, a large population or the wrong kinds of spiders can wreak havoc on your garden.

Are The Spiders In My Garden Venomous?

The spiders in your garden can be venomous. The two main venomous South Texas spiders are the black widow and the brown recluse. Here is how to identify them:

  • The black widow spider is brown or black, while the brown recluse is tan to brown.
  • A black widow’s leg is about one to two inches, while the brown recluses are closer to an inch.
  • Black widows have a red hourglass on the abdomen, while brown recluses have a violin-shaped pattern.
  • Both inflict bites that can require emergency medical care.

If you suspect that the spiders in your garden are venomous, do not attempt to get rid of them on your own. Instead, reach out to the experts who can help you exterminate them safely and prevent them from coming back.

Are The Spiders In My Garden Beneficial Or Can They Cause Harm?

Some spiders can be beneficial and eat pests that would otherwise damage your plants, like aphids and beetles. However, in more significant numbers, they can prey on helpful bugs like honeybees and other pollinators, ladybugs, and other insects. Additionally, some spiders can inflict painful bites, which can cause significant health problems. A bite from a black widow or brown recluse can cause anything from pain at the biting site to more severe issues like nausea, convulsions, and even death in some extreme cases.

There Are So Many Spiders In My Garden. How Can I Remove Them?

If there is a large number of spiders in your garden, now is the time to take the necessary steps to get rid of them, including:

  • Removing Webs As You See Them: Sometimes, removing webs will encourage spiders to find a new place to settle, hopefully away from your yard.
  • Removing Hiding Spots: If your yard is very cluttered or has wood piles, compost piles, and debris, removing them will also deter spiders who won’t find a place to hide as easily.
  • Make Sure To Clean Up After Eating Outdoors: Food leftovers can attract spiders.
  • Contact a pest control company for advice based on your situation and recommendations for effective yard spray for spiders.

If you are struggling to get rid of spiders even with a clean and tidy yard, trying to keep up with removing webs, and other methods to get rid of spiders naturally, it might be necessary to reach out to professionals.

Spiders can significantly decrease the number of beneficial insects and pollinators in your yard and cause painful and potentially dangerous bites. If spiders have taken over your McAllen garden, our experts at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control can help you get rid of them.

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