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Are You Struggling With Pest Control For McAllen Construction Sites?

Construction workers wearing bright yellow shirts, safety helmets, and reflective vests while welding metal framing on the ground.

How To Manage Pests During Renovation And Construction

The best way to manage pests during renovation and construction is to partner with a pest control company. Working with experts who have the knowledge you need to complete a project without ending up with wasp nests, rodents in walls, or termites in the foundations will save time and resources.

Steps To Take During Pre-Construction To Help With Pests 

Before starting renovation and construction, it is crucial to address the following potential issues:

  • Find out which pests exist in the area. In southern Texas, the most common ones are carpenter ants, rodents, spiders, and wasps. These are all pests that can get in the way of your projects.
  • Consider treating for termites while you can. The McAllen area of Texas is home to several types of termites, especially Formosan subterranean termites.
  • Before starting construction, conduct a thorough inspection of the materials to ensure the materials do not contain any pest infestations.
  • Consider building in a way that will prevent pest infestations in the future, including door sweeps, tightly-sealed windows, fine-mesh screens, and more.

Taking adequate precautions before starting your renovation or construction project is necessary to complete it successfully and without setbacks. A pest control company can help ensure you have taken the required steps and are ready to start building.

What Kind Of Pests Are Drawn To Construction Sites?

Construction sites draw many different pests, and here are some of the more dangerous ones:

  • Carpenter ants will create galleries in rotting wood to build nests inside hollowed-out sections. A pest control company can recommend effective ant control that fits your needs.
  • Rodents can chew through pipes to electrical wires, including drywall and sheetrock, and bigger rodents, like rats, can chew through metal.
  • Spiders can infest a home quickly, building webs or nests in corners and hidden areas. Some types of spiders in Texas are venomous, including the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider.
  • Bees and wasps are stinging insects that can cause serious health issues. Wasps especially are aggressive and dangerous and will not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened. Removing their nests should only be done by professionals.

These pests can wreak havoc on construction projects significantly increase the costs and make your construction project much longer than it needs to be.

Professional Pest Control For McAllen Construction

Renovation and construction projects can be stressful enough, thanks to common issues like deadlines, sourcing of material, missed days of work, weather conditions, and more. Pest infestations are an added problem that can be easily avoided by taking the appropriate precautions. If you are starting a new project, BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control provides pest control in McAllen that you can rely on to keep your renovation and construction sites pest-free.

Before starting renovation and construction, working with a pest control professional can make your project less costly and help you finish it faster. From precautions, you can take before starting to educate future homeowners on keeping their property pest-free, reaching out to pest control experts can make all the difference.

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