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Flea Prevention Made Simple For McAllen Residents

Flea crawling on someone's skin.

How Fleas Find Their Way Onto Your Property

Fleas don’t come out of thin air. These critters tend to jump onto our clothes, our pets, and our belongings (think of a gym bag or a backpack). From there, they’ll hitch a ride straight into our homes, where carpeting, linens, bedding, hair, and all manner of hiding spots will be available to them.

That’s why the number one flea killer for homeowners is prevention! Keeping fleas out of the home in the first place is the only surefire way to kill an infestation before it even takes hold. 

This will be a far more effective measure than trying to eliminate any fleas on your own after they’ve gotten a foothold on your property.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fleas In My Home?

So, hypothetically speaking, fleas in McAllen have made their way into your home – are you in imminent danger? Can flea bites kill you or poison you?

Thankfully, no. Flea bites are a serious annoyance, though. These critters tend to have healthy and robust populations, and they bite often.

Fleas feed on the blood and dead skin materials of their hosts, so bites can really become numerous if an infestation isn’t taken care of with haste. Fleas are particularly bothersome for pets, who may itch and scratch their skin, thus worsening the problem.

So, while fleas don’t typically bite out of an ornate sense of aggression or territorialism, they do treat us and our pets as a bonafide food source. One person or pet can sustain dozens, if not hundreds of fleas, too.

If you see flea bite marks on your skin, or any marks you’re unsure of, try comparing the affected areas with some pictures online. If you’ve done this already and still suspect fleas are involved, call us right away.

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Fleas In Your Home

Preventative measures are the most important things for homeowners to know when it comes to challenging infestations of fleas on their own. Fleas are so small and evasive that they may avoid detection entirely until the homeowner notices them.

We’ve put together a list of tips to keep fleas out of your home, which should help limit the chances of an infestation developing in your home.

  • Do laundry frequently!
  • Monitor your pets and their coats frequently.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when not in use.
  • Practice good landscaping techniques, and clear any brush near your home. Mow the lawn frequently.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices in the structure of your home. Fleas are extremely tiny, but you might be able to seal off some of their potential entry points.

Keeping fleas out of the home can be difficult, as they are so small and can indeed jump quite far. If we could do the same thing at our size, we’d be leaping over buildings to get around! It’s still important to try and keep them out, though.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My House For Good?

If you want to become the ultimate walking, talking flea repellent, then it’s time to hop on the phone and call BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control Company!

A lot of people ask us how to kill fleas naturally, or how to remove an infestation of them using home remedies. Unfortunately, the homeowner’s window for influencing the situation more or less opens and closes with preventative measures.

By following the tips we’ve included above, you’ll do yourself a serious favor in keeping fleas away from you, your home, and your pets, who are largely powerless to rid themselves of fleas. They look to you to get that done for them, and we’re standing by and ready to help you get it done!

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