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How To Keep The Wildlife In McAllen At Bay

Couple of deer near a home.

According to the C.D.C., rabies, a viral disease that can affect humans, is primarily transmitted by wildlife, and without proper treatment, the chances of survival are slim. If a wild animal has bitten you, it is crucial that you seek medical help right away and keep up with the recommended treatment plan. Here are the main symptoms of rabies:

  • Flu-like symptoms including fever and headaches
  • Itchiness, discomfort, and pain at the biting site
  • Nausea and loss of appetite 
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety and related mental health issues

If left untreated, rabies will attack the central nervous system and lead to death. There is no effective treatment after the disease has progressed. If a wild animal has bitten you, reach out to a medical professional immediately.

Tips On Sealing Animal Entry Points 

Sealing animal entry points is necessary to keep wildlife out of your home and yard. Some precautions you can take are:

  • Sealing off cracks in your foundation and the structure of your house
  • Keeping your yard clean of debris and wood piles, and keep vegetation trimmed down
  • Regularly pruning trees and trimming bushes 
  • Keeping basements and attics clean and dry
  • Reaching out to a pest control company for regular inspections and treatments when appropriate

For effective local wildlife removal, BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control serves the McAllen area and can help you clear your property of wild animals safely.

When To Call A Professional 

Sometimes, your best efforts are not enough to keep unwanted wildlife away from your property. If wildlife is getting too close to your home and yard, don't put yourself at risk of dangerous diseases and attacks. Reach out to professionals who offer quality wildlife removal near you to keep you and your family safe. Controlling wildlife on your own can be dangerous and cost you time and money. It can also be illegal, as some wild animals are protected species, including birds and fur-wearing animals. Special rules apply to some other animals as well.

Professional Nuisance Wildlife Control Services In McAllen

If you have not been able to control wildlife using DIY methods, professional nuisance wildlife control services might be what you need to regain control of your property. A professional pest control company can recommend different strategies to eliminate wildlife, including repellents, exclusion such as barriers and fences, trapping, and other methods. Besides, it can be illegal for homeowners to deal with wildlife independently. To be safe, reach out to the experts who can help get rid of your wildlife problem and keep it from returning.

Wildlife pest control can sometimes be a necessity in Texas. If wildlife has invaded your McAllen property, BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control offers professional wildlife removal you can rely on to keep your home safe from wild animals and the diseases they carry.

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