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Simple Way To Keep Your Mcallen Home Cockroach Free

German Cockroach crawling on a wet surface.

How To Identify Cockroaches In McAllen

There are around 4,500 hundred cockroach species worldwide, but thankfully, you only have to worry about a handful in our area. The most prevalent species by far is the German cockroach. These roaches pretty much live inside of buildings, which is why they are so widespread. You can identify German cockroaches by their brown color and two black stripes behind their heads.

The next most common home-invading cockroach is the American cockroach. These pests can get up to three inches long, and they are usually a red-brown color. 

Last on our list is the oriental cockroach. These roaches aren't as common, but they do seek out extremely humid environments. They look rather like beetles, and they are a jet-black color.

Signs Your McAllen Home May Have A Cockroach Problem 

When you think of cockroaches, you might imagine an infestation that is impossible to ignore. However, at first, you might not see the roaches at all. They can survive for weeks without food, and they will live in tiny holes in the walls and around the house. Plus, they are usually only active at night.

But, there are other signs of cockroaches that you can look out for that might crop up early in the infestation:

  • A strange odor that's hard to describe but is somewhat musty
  • Discarded egg casings or cockroach skins
  • Brown stains in irregular shapes around walls or appliances
  • Dark brown droppings around the kitchen or near the walls

Why Are Cockroaches In McAllen So Dirty?

Cockroaches are known to be unsanitary, but in reality, they can spread dozens of different pathogens. They can carry salmonella, dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and more. Plus, they can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

You might be wondering why these cockroaches are so dirty in the first place. It mostly has to do with the places they hang out. They will crawl around garbage, toilets, or even dead animals. They will spend time around decay and filth, and then they pick up germs on their bodies and spread them into homes. Cockroaches have spines on their legs that are perfect for picking up pathogens and spreading them around.

Because of the risks that come with cockroaches, getting professional cockroach control is usually the best way to protect your property.

What To Do About Cockroaches Running Around Your McAllen House

Once cockroaches live inside your house, residential pest control is the easiest and safest way to remove them. Cockroaches spread quickly, and they are resistant to many pesticides. But, the professionals at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control can help. Our residential pest control plans are reliable and safe for you, your family, and your pets. 

Protect yourself from dangerous roaches by giving us a call today.

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