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Answering The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Fleas In McAllen

Flea crawling on hair.

Identifying A Flea Infestation

Some major signs that can indicate a flea problem or infestation in your home include: 

  • Your dog or cat seems to be scratching or itching more than usual, which can be a sign of irritation from the flea bites.
  • As they continue to scratch and itch, your pet may begin to lose or pull out their own fur.
  • You notice there are constantly itchy bug bites around your ankles and feet.
  • You notice dark specks on your pet’s fur, also called flea dirt.
  • Tiny white flea eggs are hiding in your carpet or furniture.
  • You notice flea eggs or fleas when you comb through your pet’s fur.

Generally, by the time you see signs of fleas in your home or on your pet, the infestation is advanced to the point that help from a professional is recommended. The experts at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control have the flea control solutions you need to eliminate fleas and keep them from coming back. 

Do Fleas Need A Host To Survive?

Fleas need a host to survive, and if they have the choice, they prefer to stick with animal hosts over humans. Without a host, most fleas will only live between a few days to a few weeks. 

The flea lifespan is already short, but fleas can survive for several more days if they have a host – especially a long-haired cat or dog. This will also allow them time to lay eggs and begin reproducing. 

When fleas cannot find animal fur to hide in, they shelter anywhere close to human or pet activity, often in pet bedding or carpets, and look for their next opportunity for a meal. 

Can Fleas Get Stuck In Your Skin?

Can fleas live on humans? No, fleas can’t live on people, nor can they get stuck in your skin. 

Because humans lack the fur and hair that our pets have, fleas aren’t able to live on humans or lay eggs on us. For this reason, fleas tend to spend more time biting cats and dogs. They bite humans but do not remain on our bodies between meals. 

Even if fleas can’t live or lay eggs on human hosts, they know that people are still a food source and will bite us if there isn’t a viable animal host nearby. For large flea infestations, it’s not uncommon for fleas to migrate from bothering your pets to bothering humans in the household as well. 

A pest embedded in your skin is not a flea – you’re likely dealing with a tick. When ticks bite, they embed themselves in our skin and feed for a day or more before detaching themselves. 

Get Professional Help For Flea Control In McAllen

Some people may think the extent of flea control is treating your pets for fleas, but that’s far from the only solution. Even homes without pets can get flea infestations from rodents or wildlife. The best way to control fleas in McAllen is with professional help from BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control. 

With decades of experience in the pest control industry, we’re the trusted choice for McAllen homes. If you suspect that your home has a flea infestation or there’s a flea problem on your property, you shouldn’t wait. Call us today at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control to learn more about our flea control services or schedule an inspection of your McAllen home.

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