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How To Keep The Rodents In McAllen Outside For Good

Rodent droppings on the bottom of a wall.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Rodents 

Rats and mice are the types of rodents invading McAllen homes. Although rats and mice differ in size, they share the following habits:

  • Active at night
  • Gnaw on almost anything
  • Create nests in walls, attics, garages, and basements near food sources

When rodents find a food source, they alert other rodents and soon create a trail to and from the food and the nest. As they travel the routes, they leave oily marks on walls, feces on the floor, tracks, urine stains, and half-eaten food.  

The Damage And Dangers Rodents Can Create In Your Home

Rodents in the house are a recipe for harm to people and property. The growing incisors of rodents require them to gnaw constantly on objects, or the teeth will grow too large. Rodents will chew on just about anything, creating holes in walls and ceilings, destroying aluminum siding, cutting wires, and damaging food products. 

In addition to the damage to property, rodents spread disease. Cute little house mice spread leptospirosis, tularemia, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), and salmonellosis. Field mice spread hantavirus and adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and rats, in addition to many of the same diseases mice spread, can also cause rat-bite fever. 

Rodents forage in open garbage, sewers, drains, dead animals, and on animal feces. As they graze on polluted surfaces, they can pick up bacteria on their bodies. When they travel through your house, they rub against, chew, and defecate on surfaces depositing the disease-causing organisms. When food or hands come into contact with contaminated surfaces, bacteria, and viruses can be spread to people and potentially cause illness. 

Rodents carry fleas and ticks, which are also spreaders of disease. Another way rodents are dangerous is from dried feces that become airborne. Young children who inhale these particles are most likely to have an allergic reaction to dried feces. 

Five Eco-Friendly Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

Texas rodents are everywhere and part of the ecosystem; however, that does not mean they need to be in our houses! Here are five tips to keep rodents from entering your McAllen house:

  1. Close dime or pencil-sized gaps or cracks with silicone-based caulk or steel wool.
  2. Place wire mesh screens around the attic and crawlspace vents and chimney openings.
  3. Repair holes in window and door screens. 
  4. Install door sweeps under all exterior doors. 
  5. Replace loose mortar along the window frame bases and around the basement foundation.

In addition to preventing rodents from entering your McAllen house, practice outdoor rodent control by removing debris from the yard and ensuring adequate drainage of ditches and low-lying areas. Maintaining a clean, dry property will discourage rodents from coming onto your property. 

The Secret To Complete Rodent Control For Your Home

BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control offers rodent control in McAllen to protect homeowners from disease and danger. Do-it-yourself methods, like traps and baits, may not work, and even dead rodents can spread disease. Our technicians have the tools and expertise to safely remove rodents living in your attic, crawlspace, basement, or under the porch. Contact us today and request an inspection.

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