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Rodent Control In McAllen Can Be Tricky To Tackle Alone

February 08, 2023 - Rodents

Rodents are some of the most resourceful house pests you can encounter in your McAllen home. They are extremely well-adapted for survival in a variety of areas. They are smart, wary pests that are constantly on guard and will run and hide at the first sign of danger. Most rodents can run quite fast for their size. They tend to hide during the day, come out at night, and have eyesight adapted to seeing in the dark. They breed very quickly, and once infestations move into your house, they can be difficult to eliminate. DIY pest control techniques can get some rodents but rarely all of them. Despite your best efforts, some survive and can continue breeding. The infestation not only continues but may also grow worse. 

Rodent control is complex and requires extensive knowledge of rodent types and habits. Bugworks Termite & Pest Control experts have all the knowledge and experience we need to handle all types of rodents. Call us, and trust us with all your McAllen pest control needs. 

The Types Of Rodents That Commonly Invade McAllen Homes

Here are some of the types of house rodents that you may encounter in your home in the McAllen area:

  • Rats: These large pests can weigh up to a pound and cause extensive damage.
  • Mice: These rodents are smaller than rats but breed extremely well. They also cause extensive damage.
  • Squirrels: These pests love attics and eaves and will damage insulation.
  • Moles: These outside pests can cause extensive damage to lawns while looking for food.
  • Gophers: These outdoor pests burrow in your yard and can damage landscaping.

Each of these different pests has its own set of habits and behaviors, and each requires a different pest control solution to address them successfully. Bugworks Termite & Pest Control has both the knowledge and experience to handle all rodent types. If you have a rodent problem, we have a rodent solution. Call us today for help with rodents.

Why Rodents Are A Problem For McAllen Homes

Rodents can cause a lot of damage to homes. Rats, mice, and squirrels will damage insulation and walls when building their nests. Rats and mice are particularly bad about chewing on wires and cables behind the walls of your home, leading to expensive repairs. Unfortunately, rats and mice also carry diseases. They are associated with salmonella, giardia, leptospirosis, and E. coli. They can spread these things onto counters, inside cabinets, on dinnerware, and onto furniture. You can later be exposed to these things when you unknowingly interact with these contaminated places. Without touching — or even seeing — a rodent, you can become exposed to something that can lead to sickness.

If you have discovered rodents of any kind on your property, call Bugworks Termite & Pest Control immediately. We know how to get rid of rodents in your house and how to keep them out.

Factors That Attract Rodents To Your Property

Rodents are naturally very exploratory, and if they wander into your property, they will carefully search all of it to see what they can find. Here are some of the things that rodents will find highly attractive when they search:

  • Outside garbage: Rodents find exposed garbage highly attractive because it offers them many food opportunities. Seal garbage cans tightly to discourage rodents.
  • Clean up pet food: If you feed your pets outside, rodents will be glad to eat anything your pets don’t. Clean up leftover pet food promptly to avoid feeding rodents.
  • Seal your home: Rodents can squeeze through small spaces. Closing up cracks, gaps, and holes in your house will eliminate easy rodent access routes into your home. 
  • Store food well: Poorly stored food in your pantry gives rodents easy food sources, and they will stay inside. Tightly seal food to keep from accidentally feeding rodents.
  • Clean your house: Rodents like crumbs, too. Consistently cleaning your home enables you to keep rodents from surviving on crumbs.

These tips can help keep rodents out of your house, but they can still ultimately get in. If that happens, Bugworks Termite & Pest Control stands ready to help you get them out. Call us; we know how to get rid of rodents.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Rodents And Keep Them Out

The best way to get rodents out of your home is to call the skilled professionals at Bugworks Termite & Pest control. Contact us today, and let us bring our history of success treating rodents to your doorstep.

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