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So, You Found A Bee Hive On Your McAllen Property

April 03, 2022 - Bees

Honey bees are social insects that are a benefit to the environment based on their involvement with pollination and their ability to produce useful materials such as wax and honey. Honey bees typically have a hairy, rounded body style with rear legs that can effectively transport pollen.

As stinging insects, bees do pose some risks to humans and pets. The Rio Grande Valley region is also home to carpenter bees and Africanized bees. 

While honey bees can deliver a potential painful sting, they are typically less aggressive than yellow jackets and other types of wasps. People are generally discouraged from intentionally provoking bees—particularly those with allergies that may experience harmful reactions to being stung. Keep in mind that honey bee nests contain honey and similar materials that can promote the growth of mold and mildew. 

Are honey bees dangerous? While the majority of people will experience only minor pain and discomfort from bee stings, those who experience allergic episodes are encouraged to promptly seek professional medical care. Bees may pose a risk to confined pets or livestock that might be unable to avoid an aggressive swarm of bees. If you are stung by a bee, vacate the area and remove the stinger when possible. 

An experienced McAllen pest control company is properly trained and equipped for handling problems associated with bees, wasps, and many other potentially dangerous insects. Many property owners choose to take matters into their own hands when encountering nests by using store-bought pest control products. Most of these sprays and other options might contain harsh chemicals, and those who approach a nest could face an aggressive swarm. 

FAQs About Honey Bee Swarms And Established Hives

How do bees make honeycomb? Honey bees work busily to create hexagonal honeycomb for storing the supplies needed for surviving the colder months. Bees begin construction at the top and work downward. Bees produce beeswax using glands that exist beneath their abdomen. Meanwhile, worker bees collect nectar from plants used for producing honeycomb wax, which they store along with pollen. 

How much honey does a bee make in its lifetime? A single bee can produce as much as one tablespoon of honey in its lifetime. Why do honey bees swarm? As with many creatures, honey bees swarm as part of their reproductive process, which results in forming new colonies. 

Why Do Honey Bees Nest In Walls And On Structures?

Honey bees seek nesting sites that offer some protection from the elements and potential predators. In some regions, nature sites for accommodating nests are in short supply; therefore, they may use voids and crevices on homes and buildings to form nests. 

What Not To Do When You Spot A Beehive

Some of the activities that you should refrain from doing after noticing a beehive include: 

  • Never intentionally provoke a bee’s nest.
  • Maintain some distance to reduce the likelihood of being perceived as a threat to the nest. 
  • Avoid knowingly exposing children or pets to bee’s nests. 
  • Don’t attempt to eradicate nests using a water hose. 

Property owners that recognize the existence of a bee colony on their property should remain aware of the risks involved and are encouraged to contact pest control professionals for assistance. 

Safe And Gentle Beehive Removal In McAllen

The experts with Bugworks Termite & Pest Control Company have many years of experience removing hives. A qualified technician will visit the property to confirm the types of stinging insects involved and the exact location of the nest. Our team has the proper equipment to remove nests from upper floors, roofs, and other elevated locations.

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