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Do I Need Professional Pest Control For My McAllen Industrial Spaces?

Let's begin by defining what an industrial space is. If you are in the business of manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly, you have an industrial space. It is also likely that you have offices, meeting rooms, breakrooms, bathrooms, and other spaces outside of your industrial spaces. If you own or manage a warehouse, you may also consider this an industrial space as the pest control needs are the same.

In an industrial space, logistics are essential. You have a process for everything. Your commercial pest control service expands your team to include the pest control experts here at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control. Join us today as we look at what commercialpest control in McAllen, Texas, entails, why it is important, and how to keep pests out of your commercial space for good.   

What Does Commercial Pest Control Entail?

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Commercial pest control is a scientific process of inspections, implementation, and evaluations. There are many facets to each of these.

Inspections: Your pest control technician will do a pass around your exterior and examine key areas within your facility. During the inspection, data will be recorded. We track pest activity, warning signs, conducive conditions, potential routes, entry points, and more. The data is used to establish and maintain an effective pest management program that requires the least amount of control materials.

Implementation: There are many ways your technician can help. Bait stations and traps are checked, cleaned, and repaired. Appropriate exterior treatments are applied to make it hard for pests to live near your facility or find their way inside. We provide targeted treatments on the interior of your facility to remove breeding sites, conducive conditions, nests, etc. 

Evaluation: During every visit, your technicians will evaluate the success of your commercial pest control plan. Products are swapped out as necessary. New control methods or products are added in areas where vulnerabilities are detected. Your plan is always changing and adapting to the pests that are presenting a challenge for you. All of this happens before you have pest problems.

The commercial pest control process is similar for every industry we support but your technician is aware of pests that are a common threat in commercial spaces. Let's take a quick look at these common pests.       

Problems Pests Can Cause In Warehouses and Industrial Spaces

Pests are bad for business. They can present threats to your property, employee health, and your brand, and they can impact your bottom line in many other surprising ways. 

Birds: When pigeons, starlings, and sparrows find a way into a commercial space, they can create many problems. While birds are beautiful animals that are fun to watch on your property, they're no fun when they get inside.

  • Birds cause contamination. Bird waste and feathers can contaminate stored products and make your workforce sick.
  • Birds can clog machinery. If you have machinery for fabrication and assembly, bird waste and feathers can grind production to a halt.
  • Bird droppings require cleaning. When you have to routinely clean bird droppings, you waste manpower, water, and electricity. Plus, the waste left by birds is water-resistant and hard to clean.
  • Bird droppings create a slipping hazard, which can lead to workers' compensation claims or litigation. 
  • Bird waste contains uric acid that can stain and corrode building materials. When you can wash bird droppings away, you may find stains and damage that can't be washed away. 
  • Bird nesting can lead to damaged insulation.
  • Bird nests can block gutters and drain pipes. When rainwater is not channeled down and away from your facility, it can lead to wood rot, mold problems, fungus, and an increase in pest activity.
  • Bird nests can lead to electrical issues. Some birds make their nests in power boxes, and this can cause circuits to trip.
  • Annoyance. Even if birds did none of the things listed above, their presence in your facility is a distraction you can't afford. When a bird gets inside, you may have a supervisor spending the day chasing it down, rather than taking care of other critical tasks. You may have employees avoiding areas where birds are dropping waste. There are many ways birds can present a distraction.

It is best to keep birds out. Your commercial pest control plan can include bird deterrents. These work to keep birds away from the exterior of your facility and netting can prevent access to critical areas.   

Flies: There are many kinds of flies that enter commercial spaces. Some of the most common fly pests are houseflies, bottle flies, phorid flies, fruit flies, and drain flies. These filth flies pick up germs and spread them. So, along with being an incredible nuisance to your employees, they can make them sick. The result is an increase in employee absenteeism and time wasted on scheduling employees to take the place of those who are absent. 

Rodents: Mice and rats present many of the challenges birds do. They can cause contamination with their hair and waste, they create distractions for your employees and make them sick, and they can damage your facility as well as products that are stored in your facility. They can also cause power outages. While birds get into electrical boxes and may peck on wires, they're not nearly as troublesome as rodents when it comes to severing wires. Mice and rats get into wall voids and can't help but chew on wiring. Not only is this damage hard to repair, but severed wires can spark a fire.   

Cockroaches: These pests love commercial spaces and are a plague to deal with in processing plants and warehouses that store food. When they get into a commercial space, they are mostly a health concern. They also damage paper products. There is not much more to say.

Termites: These insects present a threat to your equity if you own the facility that houses your commercial space. Subterranean termites can get inside and feed on wood for years without being detected. They can also target wood pallets and products that are made of wood.   

There are many more pests in McAllen we could highlight, but you see the challenge. You must include pest control in your logistics if you want to protect your workforce and your bottom line.

Pest Control In Industrial Spaces Is Important

First and foremost, your commercial pest control plan guards your facility against the pest problems listed above. But there are more reasons to hire a commercial pest control specialist. When you let a service provider handle your pest control needs, you can expect all or many of the following benefits.

  • You don't have to waste manpower on pest control.
  • You know your pest control will be done right.
  • You'll always be in compliance.
  • You'll always be ready for inspections.
  • Your workforce will be healthier and happier.
  • You will have peace of mind.

Your business is better without pests. If you're in McAllen, consider reaching out to BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control for assistance in setting up a quality commercial pest control plan. We create programs that adhere to industry standards for food and hospital-grade pest control and are PrimusGFS Audit certified.

How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Commercial Space For Good

It is a team effort. When you have the service team at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control take care of your pest control logistics, we work with your workforce to get proactive control of pests.

  • We perform routine inspections to evaluate pest activity, conditions, and the success of treatments.
  • We seal exterior entry points to create physical barriers that deter pests.
  • We apply a liquid barrier around your facility to add another layer of protection that stops pests from getting inside.
  • We specialize in termite control and use the most advanced liquid and bait termite control solutions. You won't have to worry about these insects secretly damaging your property.
  • We apply interior treatments to target the unique pests that present a threat to your facility. The methods and products we use are in compliance with the standards of Integrated Pest Management, which is the gold standard of commercial pest control.
  • We provide monthly service visits to make sure all of your pest control services are getting the job done.
  • We offer data tracking so that you always know the status of your commercial pest control services.      

Do you have questions about commercial pest control in McAllen that were not addressed in this article? We'd be happy to answer them. We can provide guidance over the phone or meet with you at your facility for a pest control evaluation. We provide industry-leading commercial pest control in McAllen and the surrounding area. We are a family-owned and operated business with a team that cares about our communities. You can know for sure that you'll get eco-friendly pest control options and the highest level of service. Connect with us today and share your pest concerns with our service team. We look forward to helping you find the right solution for your specific needs and budget.   

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