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Customized Pest Control For Your McAllen Business

When some people think of pest infestations, they assume they only happen in homes. This isn't true. Pest infestations can happen in many places, including your construction site! You might not think there's much to attract pests at a construction site, but work zones are a big draw for certain types of pests. 

Here's what you should know about what types of pests may try to hang around your construction site, what you can do to help avoid pests during pre-construction, how to prevent them around the construction site, and how pest control in McAllen can make a big difference. 

Pests That Are Drawn To Construction Sites


Not all pests in McAllen are drawn to construction sites or new homes, but some are, such as: 

Silverfish Construction sites mean freshly-cut wood, which absorbs moisture. After a long day of rain, this fresh wood may absorb more moisture and draw in silverfish.

With three prominent bristles that protrude from their hind-ends, teardrop-shaped bodies and silvery-metallic scales that make them look shiny, silverfish may look like they belong in the aquarium. However, they're still perfectly capable on land.

Silverfish get their names from the way they crawl, using fish-like movements. Even young (nymph) silverfish look very similar to adult silverfish, only smaller in size.

While silverfish aren't known to bite or transmit diseases like other pests, that doesn't mean a silverfish infestation will leave your construction site untouched. These pests can still cause plenty of damage, especially since they like to feed on materials at your work site. 


New construction sites are prone to garbage and litter, which are a rodent's favorite things. Some of the most common rodents that you may encounter at your McAllen construction site or new home include: 

  • House mouse: As their name suggests, house mice have a bad reputation for invading any place that provides food and water. You can recognize them by their round bodies, beady eyes, and light-colored bellies.
  • Roof rat: Roof rats can grow close to double the size of house mice and are known for their agile, slim bodies that make it easier for them to climb. 
  • Brown rat: Also called Norway rats, brown rats grow even larger than roof rats and prefer burrowing to climbing. 

Keep in mind that all these rodents have a long history of depending on people for their resources and may intentionally try to invade works sites so they can have closer access to food and water. 


Pigeons, starlings, and other pest birds may perch on your new construction site. They certainly won't mind sticking around if there's food or dumpsters nearby. And since pest birds are often social animals, they'll only bring more friends with them. 


If your construction site has openings, wasps may hang around your ceiling, eaves, or even build nests there. The most common wasps in McAllen include: 

  • Yellow jackets: With thin waists, black or brown coloring, and yellow markings, yellow jackets make their nests in holes in the ground or in trees. 
  • Paper wasps: Often mistaken for yellow jackets, paper wasps don't have yellow markings and can be identified by the paper-like nests they make. 
  • Mud daubers: Yellow and black, mud daubers create unique nests that can look like organ pipes at first glance

Regardless of the type, many wasps can be aggressive if you get too close to their nest – and will try to make your construction site into their home if you let them. 


Spiders won't be interested in your dumpsters or garbage, but if other pests are hanging around, spiders will eventually follow. If your construction site has dark corners or crevices to hide in, that's where spiders will likely be. Most spiders in McAllen will be harmless, with the exception of black widows and brown recluse spiders. 


From pavement ants to odorous house ants, these pests will go anywhere that moisture and food are. Ants may just be a nuisance, but you don't want them to set up a colony at your construction site before it's even finished. Since ants are incredibly hard to get rid of once their colony is established, it could take professional help to get rid of ants at your work site. 


For both indoor and outdoor construction sites, flies will hang around dumpsters or other areas with rotting food – especially fruit flies. Although their lifespan is short, flies can spread bacteria to you or your employees. 


Moisture in fresh wood, clearing away trees for landscaping – these can all draw termites in, especially subterranean termites. Termites love to munch through drywood and other cellulose materials, so they're definitely a nightmare for construction sites. Some of the most common signs of a termite infestation at your construction site could include: 

  • Damaged and hollowed wood: While it may not be obvious to the naked eye, termites can cause damaged, hollowed wood in your walls and flooring. When they search for cellulose, termites chew through the wood, leaving behind grooves that weaken it. When you look inside, the damaged wood may have a honeycomb-like interior; when you knock on it, the wood should sound hollow.
  • Evidence of termite swarms: If you've ever noticed discarded wings lying near the access points of your work site, like the doors or windows, this can indicate that you've got a serious termite problem on your hands. When termites swarm from their nest to mate, they tear off their wings and leave them behind – and if you've got enough termites on your property, the discarded wings can pile up. 
  • Blisters in flooring: Subterranean termites can cause blistering in your wood flooring, which is a sign that they're tunneling through the wood. These blisters tend to look a lot like water damage. 

No matter what pest you're dealing with at your construction site, none of them are good news, nor will they likely go away on their own. 

How To Help With Pests During Pre-Construction

One thing you can do to get ahead of possible pest infestations at your construction site is pre-treatment of your materials. To keep silverfish, rodents, ants, or other pests that enjoy moisture away, a professional pest control company can help you treat the materials in advance. 

Educating your employees or those who will be around the construction site about the risk of pests is also a good idea. You may not always see pests directly, but if your team is looking for signs of an infestation, you could prevent problems before they spiral out of control. 

Deterring Pests From Your Construction Or Renovation Site

How do you know if your construction site has a pest infestation? Besides spotting live pests, other signs may include:

  • You or your employees hear odd sounds or smell unpleasant odors without any visible explanation.
  • There are droppings around your construction site, like cabinets or other areas with food storage.
  • You or your employees spot a pest at the work site, like a cockroach, rodent, or bed bug, which often signals more pests nearby.
  • Even if you don't suspect pests in your construction site, here are some ways that you can deter pests from your work or construction site:
  • Make sure anyone working at the construction site picks up garbage and litter and disposes of it properly.
  • Don't leave sugar beverages or food products in the open.
  • Make sure you're storing materials, especially wood, in an area where they won't get wet from rain or poor weather.
  • Inform your employees about the common signs of rodents, termites, and other pests, so they can be on the lookout while working.
  • If possible, try keeping the dumpster where employees dispose of food at a safe distance from the construction site.

Ultimately, working with a pest control company like BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control Co. can help you deter specific pest problems that your construction site might have. 

Commercial Pest Control For Construction Sites In McAllen

When it comes to keeping pests out of your McAllen work site, there's only one effective solution: using commercial pest control services from BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control Co. Whether you're working on a construction or renovation site, we can come up with an individualized treatment plan to keep pests out of your building permanently.

If you suspect your commercial construction already has a pest issue, or you'd like to stay ahead of these critters, don't wait any longer – contact us today at BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control Co. to learn more about what our services entail. 

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