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Mercedes, TX Pest Control

Pest Control In Mercedes, TX

Located between McAllen and Brownsville, in Hidalgo County, Mercedes is a small community that sees a lot of traffic pass through thanks to our status between key border crossings. All this human activity and potential for trade goods to come into our area mean that Mercedes properties at an increased risk of pest activity. Learning how to properly prevent and respond to pest populations will ensure you never suffer the larger problems that pests can cause. 

Residential Pest Control In Mercedes

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Those problems include property damage, health impacts, and even other pests. As one kind of pest invades a property, the other kinds that hunt them or coexist alongside the populations are also attracted. This is why frequent and targeted residential pest control methods can protect you from these issues. The best form of protection comes from trained professionals who are located right in your community. At Bugworks Termite & Pest Control, we assist Mercedes property owners with these services:

  • Inspection: It all starts with a comprehensive assessment of your home, both inside and out. We check for signs of pest activity and factors that may be putting your home at greater risk. 

  • Organic Treatments: We use organic treatments that are effective at eliminating and protecting against pests while not posing risks to your health or property. 

  • Targeted Treatments: We also offer targeted treatments necessary to deal with certain kinds of problematic pests, like termites. 

Please don’t wait to deal with residential pest control until it’s too late. Instead, contact Bugworks Termite & Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Mercedes

The benefits of professional pest control are even more significant for local businesses. That’s because the consequences of pest infestations are much higher for properties that house public activities or provide services to the public. Not only can property damage seriously impact your bottom line but the fines and closures imposed on businesses by local public health authorities can do serious harm to your business’s reputation. This is why Mercedes property owners should turn to Bugworks Termite & Pest Control for commercial pest control methods that shield your business from those serious issues. Here’s why you should turn to us:

  • Hospital Grade: We use hospital-grade treatments, which means that they are proven not negatively to affect people. 

  • No Yearly Contracts: We don’t lock our clients into expensive long-term contracts. Instead, we plan our service visits around your actual needs and schedule. 

  • Comprehensive: We don’t just protect against one kind of pest. Instead, our treatments are complete, including specialty treatments that deal with more severe infestations. 

Keep commercial pest control from being a worry of yours by partnering with Bugworks Termite & Pest Control today. 

What Termite Damage Looks Like In Mercedes Homes

Termite damage can be costly in the best cases and downright dangerous in the worst cases. That’s why it’s important to regularly look for the signs of termite activity around your property. When the signs are apparent, it may be too late to avoid the severe damage and costs associated with an infestation. This is why a trained pair of eyes is your best bet for making sure you spot the evidence of termite activity. Here are some of the things we watch out for: 

  • Yard Signs: Termites build mounds or dig elaborate tunnels below-ground to support their colonies. Regularly checking for holes or soil pile-up can clue you into termite activity before they move on to your structures. 

  • Warped Wood: When termites chew through the cores of wooden materials, the surface wood changes due to the different tension. This causes warped or buckling wood, particularly around floorboards and wall panels. 

  • Windows & Doors: Another tell-tale sign of termite damage is if your doors and windows suddenly fit loosely or snugly. 

Keep your home protected from termites long before these signs have a chance to develop. Contact Bugworks Termite & Pest Control today to make sure you never have to worry. 

The Problems Rodents Can Cause To Properties In Mercedes

Another damaging kind of pest are rodents. They are also widespread, invading homes and businesses alike. They seek out the shelter that our structures provide, not to mention the food they can find inside. Once rodents move in, it doesn’t take long before leading to larger issues. Here are just some of them: 

  • Damage: A rodent’s most defining feature is its ever-growing front teeth. They must file them down to keep them manageable, which means they chew on absolutely everything. 

  • Disease: Rodents are also known to carry illnesses like plague and salmonella. Plus, they can have fleas and ticks, which spread their own conditions. 

  • Population: Rodents have multiple litters of pups per year, meaning the problem quickly grows out of control. This is why it’s so essential to prevent rodents in the first place and promptly call the professionals for prompt elimination.

For help avoiding all of these problems, contact Bugworks Termite & Pest Control today. 

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