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Should I Be Worried About The Wolf Spiders In McAllen?

wolf spider

Everyone has things that cause concern, like finances, personal health, job security, or family members. Fear of losing what we consider valuable is behind our worry about money, health, people, and employment. Therefore, we get annual medical checks due to apprehension about our fitness, scan our bank accounts at the end of the month because bills are due, and keep an eye on job boards and other options should our current employment end. 

Worry usually begins when a disruption occurs that triggers our fear. For example, we may not have thought about job security until our employer sells the company or our health until the pain shoots through our body. When something changes, it triggers worry. 

Seeing a spider in the house probably didn't cause you to worry; instead, you grabbed a shoe, killed it, and went on with your day, but when you see more spiders and run into webs when you enter a closet, basement, or attic, you may begin to worry that you have a problem. When you have these creatures in your house, it is cause for concern because they infest homes for a reason. Also, some spiders can be dangerous to homeowners. 

If spiders are in your house, you need the best pest control in McAllen from BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control. We have eliminated spiders from McAllen area homes and hospitals for almost 20 years. We proved our abilities by first providing pest control for local hospitals, and then we expanded our mission to help our community to homes. Our technicians are certified and highly-trained professionals that live in the area. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the pest challenges in the Rio Grande Valley. 

The Types Of Spiders That Invade McAllen Homes

Spiders are not insects but are arachnids, and although they have a few things in common, there are differences. Insects have six jointed legs, but spiders have eight segmented legs. Most insects have wings, but spiders do not. Also, spiders do not have antennae, but insects have a pair of antennae. Another distinction between insects and spiders is that insects have three body segments (head, thorax, and abdomen), but spiders have a cephalothorax and abdomen or two body segments. Unlike insects, spiders have spinnerets to create webs, catch prey, and build egg sacks. 

Despite the differences, there are some similarities. One similarity is that some insects, like spiders, have venom (i.e., wasps, bees) that they use to paralyze and kill prey. Another commonality is that both have an exoskeleton or outer protective shell that they must shed to grow. Both spiders and insects have compound eyes.

There are thousands of spider species, but these are the four types of spiders in Texas that invade homes in the McAllen area: 

  • Lady longlegs spiders: This spider is part of the 20 species of cellar spiders in the United States. Longleg spiders have a pale yellow to light grey or brown 1/4 to 3/8 inch oval-shaped body and are known for their 5/16 to almost two-inch long front legs. Lady longleg spiders create irregular webs in high moisture and humid areas, such as cellars, barns, sheds, warehouses, and homes. 
  • Wolf spiders: This spider species has a hairy, dark brown, grey, or black 1/2 to 2-inch body with a pink or salmon underside; they have a distinctive Union Jack mark on their back. Wolf spiders are Texas spiders with three rows of eight eyes, including two large eyes in the middle row. Each of the eight legs of a wolf spider has three claws enabling it to climb and run fast. Wolf spiders do not create webs but live on the ground level near baseboards and walls. 
  • Jumping spiders: Jumping spiders are black, short-legged, and hairy spiders with white markings on their 1/8 to 3/4-inch bodies. Jumping spiders are so-called because of their ability to jump 25 times the size of their body. Most spiders have poor eyesight and hunt at night, but jumping spiders are an exception; they can detect movement 18 inches away and prefer to catch prey during daylight hours. Jumping spiders build loosely woven web retreats at or near ground level in drapery folds, underneath furniture, around doors and window moldings, and in wood floor cracks floors. 
  • Black widow spiders: These are one of two venomous spiders in Texas. A black widow spider is identifiable by two reddish-orange triangle patterns that look like an hourglass on its shiny black abdomen. These spiders create their irregular-shaped homes in dark, dry, protected areas in barns and sheds near ground level. 
  • Brown recluse spiders: The brown recluse is the other venomous Texas spider, and it has a 1/4 to 1/2-inch round brown or yellowish-grey body with a darker brown fiddle-shaped marking on its back (dorsum). Brown recluse spiders create messy, irregular webs in undisturbed warm, dry locations like closets, crawlspaces, under furniture, window moldings, and attics. 

These are common spiders in south Texas that infest many McAllen homes. When you see these spiders, you need BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control because something is attracting them to your house. 

The Symptoms Of A Wolf Spider's Bite

Of all the spiders previously discussed, you will most likely encounter the wolf spider inside the house. Black widows tend to be in basements, garages, and crawl spaces; brown recluse spiders in garages, attics, and basements; and lady longlegs in cellars, barns, sheds, and warehouses. Jumping spiders occasionally enter homes but prefer the outdoors due to plentiful vegetation and sunlight. 

Wolf spiders are Texas spiders that appear intimidating due to their size; it is reasonable to assume they are aggressive and produce a powerful, potentially harmful bite, but that is incorrect. Wolf spiders will bite, but only if provoked due to forceful handling or if you attempt to destroy their eggs.

How do you know if a bite is from a wolf spider and not from a mosquito, bed bug, or flea? Wolf spiders have fangs capable of penetrating the skin, and when this spider bites, it leaves two puncture wounds or, in some cases, tears in the skin. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, and fleas do not leave two puncture wounds. Also, they tend to inflict multiple wounds because they need blood from the host to survive or produce eggs, but wolf spiders bite only out of self-defense and will not return. 

Symptoms of a wolf spider bite are similar to those of insects, slight pain from the initial wound, redness, slight swelling or a small bump, and itching. It is natural for the wound area to become darker in the new few days. These manifestations generally disappear in a few days. 

Although wolf spiders don't cause ulcers like from a brown recluse or difficulty breathing like a bite from a black widow, they can become infected. If you notice a red line extending from the wound, increased swelling at the bite site over several days, breathing problems, or bloating in the face, seek medical help because these indicate a blood infection. 

Natural Wolf Spider Prevention Tips For McAllen Homes

The outdoors is the natural habitat of wolf spiders, where they live underneath stones, timbers, firewood, leaves, and other debris. However, colder temperatures cause wolf spiders to seek shelter in the house, and once inside a home, they tend to stay. 

These are easy, natural ways to deter wolf spiders from entering your McAllen home: 

  • Seal cracks in the foundation, along the roof line, and around incoming pipes, wires, and frames. 
  • Install door sweeps under the exterior doors.
  • Move firewood 20 feet from the house and elevate it. 
  • Limit outdoor lighting use. Insects are prey for spiders, and their presence attracts spiders. Outdoor incandescent lights attract insects, so limit outdoor lights at night or replace the bulbs with bug lights or LED lights. 
  • Cover the crawl space, attic, and chimney vent openings with screens.
  • Prune shrubs and trees away from the exterior and roof.
  • Remove debris in the garage and in the house to limit hiding spots. 

These recommendations keep out normal house spiders and will deter other insects from entering your McAllen home. Since wolf spiders usually reside near the floor along baseboards, sweep the floors and suction out the corners and cracks between the baseboards, flooring, and walls to help get rid of wolf spiders in the house. 

An infestation of indoor spiders is often due to a high insect population in the home. When you schedule a visit from BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control, our service technician will look for entry points, attractions, and signs of insect infestation that are alluring the wolf spiders. 

Contact The Pros For The Safe Removal Of Wolf Spiders

At BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control, we have eradicated spiders from McAllen homes for almost 20 years. Our decades of experience and training equip us to know spiders. We know about Texas spiders, where they live in houses, and how to remove them. Our technicians will not only find the hot spots but will locate entry points. 

Based on our findings, we will create a strategic plan targeting the spiders and any insect infestation. We use eco-friendly, child and pet-friendly products to treat your house and to create a barrier to prevent future invasions. Contact us to learn more and schedule your free inspection. 

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