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Termite Control In McAllen, TX

Bugworks Termite & Pest Control Is Your Go-To For Any Pest Problem

Termites are silent destroyers because they can move into a home or business and go unnoticed as they create extensive and costly damage. The size of a colony and the extent of termite damage can vary depending on the species. Many pest control companies will only treat certain species because of how difficult some are to deal with.

At Bugworks Termite & Pest Control, we treat subterranean termites, drywood termites, agricultural termites, and Formosan termites. We want to ensure that you are taken care of, no matter what type of termite has infested your home in McAllen, TX.

All of our employees are certified professionals that understand the area and how climate changes affect McAllen pests that infest residential properties; this includes termites. Bugworks Termite & Pest Control is your go-to for any pest problem you might be facing.

Bugworks Termite & Pest Control's Termite Process

termites on wood in mcallen texas

At Bugworks Termite & Pest Control, we know that termites are no joke as they cause billions of dollars worth of damages each year in the United States.

What you expect from our home termite control process:

  • One of our licensed termite specialists performs a thorough inspection to look for signs of termites, which consist of mud tubes, discarded wings, and damage.

  • The infestation services may include liquid treatment, foam for interior locations, and bait stations depending on your needs.

  • We use the trusted and proven effective Sentricon® and Trelona® bait stations.

  • If you are a customer utilizing our ongoing pest control services, your technician will inspect for termites whenever they are out on your property.

  • For customers only receiving treatments for termites, we will follow up initial services with a warranty inspection.

Termites are not pests that you can get rid of on your own. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable specialist to assess the damage caused by termites and perform the necessary treatments to remove them safely. Contact us at Bugworks Termite & Pest Control to learn more about how we can prevent and eliminate termites.

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Since 2004, we have serviced residents and business owners throughout McAllen, Texas, and surrounding areas. At Bugsworks Termite & Pest Control, we believe no one should have to live with the dangers of pests in their home. Because of this, we offer our customized services at a reasonable price, and customers who sign up for a bimonthly or quarterly ongoing service plan are covered under our pest-free guarantee.

Contact Bugworks Termite & Pest Control if you have any questions or to learn more about the services we offer.

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