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The Problems Wildlife Can Bring To Your McAllen Property

When an animal comes onto your property and creates an issue, you may consider calling animal control. If you do, you'll quickly learn that animal control is focused primarily on enforcing licensing laws, addressing cruelty to animals, and capturing strays. They're not going to help you with pest wildlife problems. They leave that job to wildlife-management professionals like us. We're the ones who fix the problems wildlife cause, and we're the ones who stop wildlife from creating these problems. Let's take a minute or two to look at the problems wildlife can bring to your McAllen property and discuss some ways a wildlife expert can help you solve these problems.

Lawn And Landscaping Pests

There are many animals that burrow in the ground. In our area, Norway rats, gophers, and moles are the most common pests we see. Norway rats are the worst because they can become indoor pests when conditions are right. Here are a few problems these animals may create.

  • Moles can tunnel near the surface and create a pattern of raised earth in your yard.
  • Gophers, moles, and other pests can make lots of holes and leave mounds of dirt in your yard.
  • Some tunneling pests get underneath foundation slabs and cause cracks to form.
  • Some will get into your landscaping and feed on the bulbs and roots of plants.
  • Some will chew on the bark at the base of trees.
  • Some will get into your garden and eat your vegetables.

These are all considered lawn pests because they can make your McAllen lawn look unsightly. When these pests come into your yard, professional wildlife trapping is the solution.


When birds roost on your roof, or in your yard, they can get the bright idea that your home would be a nice place to live. If they do, you may experience some of these problems:

  • Birds can damage soffits as they nest inside rooflines.
  • Birds leave acidic excrement on building materials and this can cause corrosion.
  • When birds invade attic spaces, their excrement can cause damage, and it presents a health issue during clean-up.
  • Birds can make a lot of noise if a bunch of them take off at the same time. That can be very annoying if you work at home and you're trying to get work done.

You may call a wildlife expert and request wildlife trapping to solve this problem. But, more often than not, birds become annoying before they get inside, and a professional will use bird deterrents to prevent entry and drive birds away.


Brown bats are beneficial animals because they eat a lot of mosquitoes. Unfortunately, they can become a pest problem when they get into attic spaces.

  • Their droppings (called guano) are a mess to clean up and will present a health risk during clean-up.
  • Bats get into wall voids and make noise. That bumping and scraping can get old fast!
  • As bats go in and out of a structure, they can cause damage and leave a dark stain.
  • Bats are generally docile but they can and do bite people. It is not wise to handle bats. They are a vector for rabies which is a deadly disease.

If you have bats in your home in the McAllen, TX area, you need wildlife removal services. A professional will safely and humanely remove the bats from your home.

General Wildlife Pests

We have a lot of general wildlife pests. These are your squirrels, raccoons, opossums, snakes, ring-tailed cats, skunks, mice, and rats. When these animals come into your yard, each has its own list of problems. Here are a few of them.

  • You may find your trash bins knocked over and garbage spread out in your yard.
  • You might have damaged screens on your home. 
  • You may notice a very strong odor that seems to fill every square inch of your home.
  • You might notice holes chewed in your window or door frames.
  • You might notice holes in your eaves, soffits, or fascia.
  • You might have an encounter with an animal and get bitten. Some animals are aggressive, some are docile, but all animals can bite when they are cornered or feel threatened.
  • When injured wildlife come into your yard, they can get under structures and die. This can cause a bad odor, and this odor will attract pests that feed on carrion. Injured wildlife can also attract pests while they're still alive. Insects, like the bottle fly, feed on open wounds. This can present a health risk when the bottle fly goes from that animal to a sensitive location, such as your hamburger bun.
  • Furry animals bring ticks and fleas into your yard, and these parasites spread a long list of diseases including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Wildlife Management Service In McAllen

Do you need wildlife removal services and general wildlife management in McAllen? Reach out to BUGWORKS Termite & Pest Control for assistance. We have the answers you're looking for.

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